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How Fonebid started
Fonebid was developed as a system in response to a request from a number of motor industry specialists.

They were tired of using the existing methods for stock turnover
  • They wondered if there was an easy way to send vehicle details by text and get prices
  • They wanted to know if technology could supply the answer
The answer is yes...
Fonebid is easy to use, reliable and secure.
Fonebid has been designed using the most robust software available. It has been developed by a team of experts from Australia and the UK.

Because of the clever way it has been designed, there are no alterations required to any of your existing IT arrangements - all you need is a PC on the internet, and a mobile phone.

All this gives us the confidence to say that Fonebid is one of the easiest to use, most reliable, secure and best solutions of its kind.
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