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Fonebid is quick and easy to use...
Selling a vehicle...
  • As the supplier, you list a vehicle for sale from your own PC, using a secure and reliable web interface.
  • You select your potential buyers and the length of time the sale will run (e.g. 10, 20, 60 minutes etc.).
  • The buyers instantly receive an sms with the vehicle details, the Fonebid sale ID and the length of time they have to make an offer.
  • Buyers reply to the sms with the sale ID and the amount they are prepared to pay. If they are not interested, they simply delete the sms.
  • You view all the offers received and select the winning buyer. Fonebid then sends an sms confirmation to them.
  • The payment and delivery of the vehicle is between the buyer and seller.
  • No commission on sales is charged by Fonebid.
Buyer Preferences
Fonebid buyers can set their preferences so they only receive sms messages for vehicles that they want. They can update their preferences at any time by logging into the Fonebid buyer system. Alternatively you can adjust their preferences on your Fonebid system.
As the Fonebid system is for the exclusive use of the motor industry it is strongly recommended that all suppliers are accurate with their vehicle listings.
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