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Questions & Answers
What is Fonebid question mark
open quotes Fonebid is a quick and easy way to offer your stock to an invited audience of registered buyers close quotes
Aren't there already many other sales sites question mark
open quotes Yes there are, but Fonebid's real difference is that its proactive selling - vehicles are offered by sms and buyers can respond immediately from wherever they are close quotes
Why use sms question mark
open quotes Text messaging is more portable and constantly available to buyers. As long as they have their mobile phone with them they will be notified of vehicles that are up for sale close quotes
What's the rush question mark
open quotes Sending an sms straight to a buyer's phone is a trigger to a vehicle for sale. Very short sales can take place, typically 10 minutes and longer, meaning you can sell your vehicles faster close quotes
Why do buyers have to be registered question mark
open quotes So they can receive sms sales. Other sales systems are mainly passive. This means they rely upon a mass of prospective buyers stumbling upon the product for sale, i.e. they have to be searching for it. In order to catch a larger audience and get the highest sale price, this process can last several days, maybe weeks.

As Fonebid has been designed specifically for Business to Business use within the automotive industry, you have the control over selecting the buyers you wish to sms. close quotes
If we are using the system a lot, won't the registered bidders get swamped with sale invites question mark
open quotes You have control over your buyer's profile. You can select the makes that you wish to send to each individual buyer and enter specific criteria like price range, age, maximum k's, special notes, etc.

In addition the buyers can also update and fine tune their own preferences by logging into the Fonebid buyer section. close quotes
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