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Fonebid embraces the following technologies;
Linux is an open-source Unix-type operating system originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world. Developed under the GNU General Public License, the source code for Linux is freely available to everyone.

As there are so many Linux distributions available, we have provided a link to which can you help in choosing in the correct one to suit your needs.
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Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition is a Java-based, runtime platform for developing distributed multi-tier architecture applications, using modular components. J2EE is typically deployed on critical, large-scale networked developments, such as electronic ticketing, banking and auctioning systems.
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Apache HTTP Server
The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT. The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards.
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Jakarta Commons
The Commons is a Jakarta subproject focused on all aspects of reusable Java components. The Jakarta Commons project is composed of two parts;
  • The Commons Proper - A repository of reusable Java components
  • The Commons Sandbox - A workspace for Java component development
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Jakarta Struts
Jakarta Struts is an open-source framework for developing J2EE or J2SE based web applications. It uses and extends the Java Servlet API to encourage developers to adopt an MVC architecture. It was originally created by Craig McClanahan and donated to the Apache Foundation in May, 2000.
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JBoss (pronounced Jay Boss) is an open-source, Java based application server. Because it is Java based, JBoss can be used on any operating system that supports Java. The core developers are now hired by a services company named "JBoss Inc." founded by Marc Fleury the writer of the first JBoss version. The project is backed by a worldwide network of partners. The company has a tech consultation service, but the consultants spend half of their time programming.
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Quartz is an open-source job scheduling system that can be integrated with, or used along side virtually any J2EE or J2SE application. Quartz can be used to create simple or complex schedules for executing tens, hundreds, or even tens-of-thousands of jobs; jobs whose tasks are defined as standard Java components or EJBs.
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Almost every large application includes its own logging or tracing API. With this in mind the E.U.SEMPER project decided to write its own tracing API in early 1996. After many enhancements and incarnations the API has evolved to become log4j: a popular logging package for Java. The package is distributed under the Apache Software License.
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PostgreSQL is an open-source Software object-relational database server (database management system), released under the flexible BSD-style license. It offers an alternative to other open-source database systems such as MySQL and Firebird, as well as to proprietary systems such as Oracle, Sybase, IBM's DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.
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Hibernate is a powerful, ultra-high performance object/relational persistence and query service for Java. Hibernate lets you develop persistent classes following common Java idiom - including association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition and the Java collections framework. The Hibernate Query Language, designed as a minimal object-oriented extension to SQL, provides an elegant bridge between the object and relational worlds.
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JasperReports is a powerful open-source Java reporting tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files. It is entirely written in Java and can be used in a variety of Java enabled applications, including J2EE or Web applications, to generate dynamic content.
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The Eclipse Project
Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platform - an open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular. To find out what eclipse is all about, check out the Eclipse home page by clicking the logo.
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Apache Ant
Ant is a software tool for automating software build processes. It is similar to Make but is written in the Java language and is primarily intended for use with Java.
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Firefox Web Browser
The award-winning, free Web browser is better than ever. Browse the Web with confidence - Firefox protects you from viruses, spyware and pop-ups. Enjoy improvements to performance, ease of use and privacy. It's easy to import your favorites and settings and get started. Download Firefox now and get the most out of the Web.
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