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get the stock that you need now
Not only will the dealer benefit, but buyers will also benefit.
Buyers will have ready access to a market of stock that they require.

No more missing the important call with the vehicle they desperately need. The instant they receive an sms, they reply by offering the amount they are prepared to pay.

The buyer will also benefit in other time saving ways;

They will no longer be bothered by suppliers offering them makes and models that they do not require.
With Fonebid the buyer can set their vehicle preferences.
If you receive an sms sale for a vehicle that you do not want, just delete the sms.

SMS sales bring the stock to you instantly.
Fonebid Approved Buyers
When you are a registered user of Fonebid, you may be invited to become a Fonebid Approved Buyer. This means that you are available for selection in sms sales that are launched by other users.

You can set your preferences to only receive sms sales for vehicles that you are interested in.

Being a Fonebid Approved Buyer is an excellent way to source wholesale stock.
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