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be certain of the price, and sell them quick
The prime beneficiary is the dealer who saves both time and money.
The dealer is able to access a buyer's market with an ease never before thought possible. This system wholly revolutionises the speed of stock turnover.

Listing vehicles with Fonebid is very quick and easy. You only deal with other registered licensed motor vehicle dealers, which gives you the confidence to sell.

No longer will the dealer have to spend a great deal of time on the phone describing all the relevant details, nor will they have to repeat this many times to potential buyers. Just enter the information once, click the mouse and it is all done for you.

Because Fonebid can distribute instantly to an unlimited amount of potential buyers, there is a great possibility to improve the price that you can realise for a vehicle.

This all leaves you with more time to get on with the important work of dealing with customers.

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