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reduce paperwork, increase productivity and tackle fraud
The manager or owner
Fonebid revolutionises the whole buying, and selling process for you. It can also do a lot of your paperwork!

Fonebid can produce reports on all vehicles listed for sale. The dealer no longer has to write this documentation, as most of the information is entered at the time of the vehicle listing.

The successful buyer can also be sent confirmation of details.

For the accountant, Fonebid will supply reports of units bought and sold via the system. These can be provided electronically, which means no more wading through piles of papers.

For the manager or owner, you can track who is buying and selling what, where, when and for how much. This ensures the integrity of the business as the accountant has the electronic reports at their fingertips.

Fonebid is easy to use, totally secure and fully accountable.

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